Saturday, November 29

Mamarazzi Swap: My Favorite Things!

We did it! Mission accomplished! Thanks Andrea! You rock!
My swap buddy from across the big ocean had a whole bunch of goodies sent over for me and let me tell you, WOW--they are awesome! I don't know how Mamarazzi did it, but she found my twin when she hooked the two of us up! Everything is so awesome. (oh, and Sophie saw the candy bars and even though they were in German, she knew exactly what they were. Then again, she can't read, so all candy bars must be in German to her, but she does know good chocolate when she sees it!)

Andrea, at Blogging Mama sent me all of the things you see in the slide show. Let me list them for you: a new journal (with a copy of her fave family recipes in it), 2 of the greatest candy bars ever (the chocolate mint one is already gone!), a CD with my her favorite songs on them, a sparkly princess crown ornament, a cool funky girl ornament, star ornaments, post-it notes because who doesn't love office supplies?, and an adorable Christmas card in German. I love all of her fave things and some of the things I sent to her actually compliment what she sent me, right down to the peppermint chocolates and office supplies. How cool is that? Oh, and also how cool is it that the ornaments arrived on the day we were trimming our tree? YEAH!
Thanks to Andrea for all of her wonderful favorite things, and thanks to Mamarazzi for doing this awesome swap--it was tons of fun!
To see more swaps go over to Dandelion Wishes and check out Mr. Linky. There's a whole bunch of blogger buddies giving away a whole bunch of cool stuff!

Friday, November 28

PSF and a little song and dance.

Um, let's make this a song and photos. If you have kids, then you know the tune. Please feel free to sing along.
PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

The Wonder Pets (with Sophie) save the Christmas Bear!

"Good Night Linny! Bye Tuck--see you Ming Ming!"
(jingle bells ringing in the next room)

Linny: The phone, the phone is ringing!
Ming Ming: The phone, we'll be wight there!
Tuck: The phone, the phone is ringing!

Linny: There's an animal in trouble.
Ming Ming: There's an animal in twubble.
Tuck: There's an animal in trouble somewhere.
Sophie: Look Wonder Pets, it's a baby Christmas bear with a paw stuck in a gumball machine!
Tuck: It's a baby Christmas Bear--with it's paw stuck in a gumball machine.
Ming Ming: This is searweuous!
Tuck: Let's help the Christmas Bear-what's a Christmas Bear?
Ming Ming: What's a gumball machine?
Linny: A Christmas Bear is a cross between a polar bear and a brown bear. A gumball machine gives you a gumball when you put a coin in.
All: Let's help the Christmas Bear!



and Ming Ming with Sophie!
All: We're Wonder Pets and we'll help you!

All: What's gonna work?
What' gonna work?

All: oooooooooooooooooooh!

Linny: Look! There's the Christmas Bear!

Tuck: How do get the bear's paw out?

Sophie: I know! I can put a coin in to send down a gumball and that will push his paw out!

Linny: Hurry Wonder Pets! it's cutting out off his circulation!

Ming Ming: This is searweous!

All: Yeah! His paw is free!

Ming Ming: Wooks wike our work here is done!

Linny: Great Job Wonder Pets and Sophie! This calls for some celery-gumball style!?!

and Ming Ming with Sophie!
We're Wonder Pets and we'll help you!

This concludes the Widloe version of the Wonder Pets. Hope you enjoyed the show. Can you tell the effects of the icky hormones are gone and this mommy is back? whoohoo for feeling good!

Thursday, November 27

A Thanksgiving Thursday 13

Today is the ultimate day of gratitude. All day long we will eat fantastic food, enjoy each others' company, appreciate everything we are thankful for, and try not to burn the house down turkey.

13 Reasons I am grateful today!

1. Hazel Eyes and a little chocolate goatee that never seems to wash off.

2. Flower footprints in the snow. (hard to see, but I have a bird to get in the oven, so no time to edit!)

3. Christmas lights! I even hang them in my kitchen I love them so much! Hooray it's finally Christmas season!!!!!

4. Holiday decorations and the days spent putting them up. I usually start right after Halloween.

5. The GREATEST family on the planet.

6. PRESENTS! Giving is way more fun! I love to wrap and make pretty bows. This year I got a head-start with Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap. This is what 'My Favorite Things' are supposed to look like. Sorry Andrea, I forgot about customs. I'm sure someone had fun unwrapping these-especially the um addiction--I swear it's not what you think!

7. Stockings to hang on the chimney with care. There was a Christmas not so long ago when I was truly scared Santa wouldn't come. Not only did he arrive that year, but we were even able to order these awesome Pottery Barn stockings to hang. I'll never forget how grateful I was that year!

8. Shadow dancing. I swear she comes up with the BEST stuff every time I just

9. Snowmen. These are the ones I have in my collection (and counting) but we also LOVE the real kind that we will hopefully be constructing shortly.
10. Twirly dresses and window shopping. Playing with Christmas toys at our local Target is highly entertaining.

11. Jack. The greatest dog ever. Oh puppy!

12. Christmas Bears (actually Mistletoe Bears). Our favorite memory of a favorite store-Marshall Field's-and a true source of creativity. (come back tomorrow for the PSF and you'll see what I mean.)

13. Belief in Santa and the anticipation, wonder, awe associated with his arrival while spending time with family and friends--eating, laughing, playing, and singing Christmas carols.

Now that's what I call Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving--and let the Christmas season BEGIN!!!!!

gobble, gobble, gobble,

Tuesday, November 25

A couple simple equations.......

Lots of sugar + a little bit of greasy pizza + no liquids of any kind = The worst case of the runny runs I've ever seen in a little person. Good times.

Clomid + monster ovulation = UTI. ( and the meds turned my pee a radioactive neon ORANGE--which was a bit alarming) Good times.
The two above equations have happened simultaneously so while I was holding what felt like a bowling ball covered in razor blades in my bladder and trying not to vomit from all the antibiotics floating in my system, I've been consoling a poor little girl who just couldn't make it to the bathroom TWICE yesterday. UGH! So much fun!
But here's the real reason I've been a fantastic non-blogger lately.
I've been sleeping in!
It's really been bothering me that I just couldn't find the time to play no my computer because last year I blogged everyday at this time of year. Usually I get up super early and have lots of ME time.
But things change.
Sophie needs more of my time and attention, so that means that there are several things being pushed aside, and by the time I get some time to do what I want the house is a disaster or the laundry needs my attention. I absolutely canNOT concentrate on blogging if there are household duties to be done. I still have a little bit of my type A teacher personality in me.
Then there was round two of clomid--nuff said.
Then I had an issue getting my mamarrazzi swap out in the mail--I'll blog about that soon--that was tons of fun!
Then I decided to deck the halls--and I do mean Deck! I was in the midst of my craziness with the hormones, so I took it out on the garland and my snowman collection.
This is Sophie the first day I started bringing up all of the Christmas stuff.

Halls are decked and the holidays are upon us. We are ready though.
Through it all I have been snapping lots of pictures, so here are a bunch. I've been meaning to post all of these on the widloe world blog for people who really want pictures of us, but I am in the midst of redecorating the blogs and it's not done yet. Just one of the many unfinished projects I've got going.

The day I finished decorating we got this little bit of snow. Sophie was so excited that she just had to go outside to try and lick some snowflakes. I know bare feet--but she was only out to take the picture.
Later that night she put on all of last years snow gear-which for the most part still fits-weird-and played for a little while outside with Jack.
She loved eating it the best, but only a little off the deck. The backyard is a total Jack zone and no snow eating is allowed.
Sophie dressed up to go do our Thanksgiving day shopping. This is my new fave outfit. She liked it to, and even better she LOVES wearing her little hat with her coat-a big change from last year. Yippee!!!
Welp, we've been doing lots more and I have pictures to prove it, but seeing as it's almost time to call the doc and check on some turkeys--I'll have to stop for now.
Hope every one's T-Day plans are coming along nicely. I'm starting to get really excited. Tomorrow (the day before Thanksgiving) is one of my absolute favorite days of the year!

Friday, November 14

PSF: A Mullethead with Chex Mix

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Yep, that's right I gave myself a mullet. I mentioned a few days ago that bang mutilation was one of the side effects of taking clomid ~that my doctor failed to mention. Well, this week I have been blissfully 'normal' so I decided that maybe I could fix the bang problem. I thought that by simply cutting farther back and making more bangs I could cover up the short ones.


Yeah, this picture looks weird, but seriously this is the hair I now have. I just didn't want to show the world what first thing in the morning looks like on my face. Now, with the help of photoshop that hopefully Santa will bring, these edits will highly improve, but for now I can only do my best with what I have.

Here's how I made these beautiful pictures of myself.

I used the doodle option on Picnik to erase my morning face and added a little frame around the pic as I'm told that makes for a better picture. Unfortunately the pink doodle makes my hair look redder than it is.

Then I did the same thing with 2 pictures of me that I like and saved them all as jpegs on my computer. One was used on the first pic above and the second one is below.

Once they were cropped to fit as best as I could, I simply used my powerpoint to layer the pictures so that it looked like I was wearing the hair. Not even close to professional I know, but I was entertained all morning today!

This is just to give you a little reference as to what the pics look like by themselves.

Think I can get away with this hat on Thanksgiving? My husband has been urging me for a month now to go get a haircut but why would I listen to reason? Well, besides the shame of letting my stylist see what I did, I now have to wait for it to grow out-so there's no chance in hell I'll be without a hat or at least pulling my hair up for quite some time. Damn hormones!

(Oh, and my engagement ring broke last week too! So now I while I waiting to have it fixed, I discovered that my wedding band is too big and falls off without the engagement ring. So, No wedding ring, indefinite BAD hair, and barely any tan left. Oh yeah, I have so much self confidence right now. )

But it's all in the spirit of creating another one of these!

She's so perfect! My God we did good with this one! Can you blame me for wanting to try again?

Here's something I wanted to mention too because when they officially have me committed to the loony bin, I want it documented that my craziness came with the best of intentions.

Last week Sophie came down with a brutal cold which it seems she has passed to many, many people--(sorry folks) but luckily not to me. In an effort to keep her as happy and comfortable as possible, I catered to her many whims on the day this picture was taken.

That means that I went through all of the bags of chex mix in the house and took out only the pieces she likes.

How's that for a crazy mom? It would help if someone from the makers of chex mix would read this and see that their 'cheesy triangles' are good enough to be packaged by themselves, but until then, I guess the guilt-ridden takers of the nasty lab-generated hormones will have to be the ones to cater to this particular taste.

Well, here's to a short week of rest before the next round of crazies kick in! This is going to be some holiday season that's for sure!!!!!!

Monday, November 10

The Two Week Wait (2WW)

Without a doubt one of Mother Nature's cruelest yet most exciting moments in time. My hopes, dreams, AND fears have all been amplified. My body has been put under a very unforgiving microscope. My mood swings have taken on epic proportions leaving me seriously considering being committed. I've cast aside a couple of strong values, changed my perspective and back again, and have cried a ridiculous amount of tears while laughing my head off. I was eventually just able to say 'F*** It' and move on. It took two weeks.
In the beginning it was exciting to dream about the possibilities. To imagine what was taking place moment by moment, day by day, and thanks to the Internet, I had pictures to go with those possibilities.
We had so much fun going back and forth on our top baby names for boys and girls. We reminisced about what life is really like with a newborn in the house. We delighted ourselves with the notion of Sophie being a big sister and how that would affect her future.
Of course with all of that excitement came fear, mostly of the unknown. Fears of potentially declining health, based on an incredibly difficult first pregnancy. Fears of life threatening complications mixed with the reassurance that it's out of my control and we have hired fantastic doctors with which to entrust our confidence.
Fears of a rocky financial situation as incredible expenses are sure to come with the addition to the family. Fears of providing a life better than we ourselves have had in order to promote the future of our children. Fears of what could happen--what may not happen--and most importantly what we want to happen. Are we really being careful about what we are wishing for?
All of this happened in just the first two days of the two-week-wait.
For the next 7 days the mood swings kicked in as the effects of the clomid wore off. During these swinging days I have been motivated yet devastated, tired yet full of energy, happy yet crying--basically about as crazy as a person can get.
I started several projects--yet finished none of them. Obsessively cleaned my house then looked down my nose at the thought of those tasks. Washed the laundry, but didn't put it away, cooked like an iron chef for days and then literally ignored my own kitchen for a week. I have several unfinished posts, millions of unedited pictures not yet displayed in cyberspace, and an immeasurable amount of friendly blogs went unread because there has simply been 'No comment' from this blogger for awhile now.
I cried at the drop of a hat for both happy and sad reasons and laughed out loud for the same exact reasons. The more control I forced on my life, the more my emotions made sure I had the opposite effect-and I lost all control. At times I'm sure poor little Sophie didn't even recognize her own mother. But in the end, it will be worth it right? We will come out stronger when this is all done--and with more than we can imagine being added to our family. Right?
During the last 5 days of the two week wait, I had the pleasure of really getting in tune with my own body, physically and emotionally, and questioning everything I discovered.
Is my stomach getting bigger? Am I cramping? Is this implantation? Am I uncontrollably angry because of the hormones now running through?
Am I tired because I'm pregnant? No, make that exhausted--so I must be, right? Is there an octopus playing football in the middle of my tummy?
My skin looks good, I'm not breaking out as usual, this can't be PMS can it? Frito's wouldn't taste good on a pizza hut pizza, or would they? Do I really want to try it?

Is this all in my head? Am I making this up because I want it to be true?
Yeah, such an amazing two weeks. Eye-opening, emotion inducing, with all sorts of excitement brewing -- literally-- in the pit of my stomach while waiting, waiting, waiting, for an answer.
On the 13Th day I was nervously awaiting the answer. I was afraid to feel anything, crave anything, or even think anything. Even without the calendar this was one of the creepiest Friday the 13Th's I've ever experienced. Didn't even make it out of my jammies last Friday. I was terrified just to go to the bathroom--because I didn't want my body to tell me anything. I wasn't ready for the know-the skinny-the scoop--because I knew I wasn't ready for whatever Mother Nature was going to hand me. I could handle yes or no--because I wasn't prepared for the no.

On the 14Th day of the 2WW my body had yet to give it up--what's the result? Did we score a goal? Or strike out in extra innings? When will we know? When will this end?
It was this day I felt ready to know. Ready to celebrate--or commiserate-- and ultimately accept either way if we accomplished the goal. We had two plans to implement based on the grade, and I simply can't remember EVER being that anxious before a test in my life.

The 2WW is cruel. The 2WW is just. un. necessary. It's not fair-and simply stupid that modern science can't knock it out. It needs to keep trying. please.
While implementing plan B we began the grieving process-because this is a test I will have to do over. We packed in a whole bunch of denial in a few short hours that afternoon while simultaneously bargaining with God to make the test wrong. Then came anger as Mother Nature kicked in her most painful and ridiculously mean sign that the test was accurate. Sunday was the perfect depressing day. Gloomy, cold, and snowy weather started the day, the Bear's lost, and a broken spirit sat in self-pity.
Finally turned on Joel Osteen and he talked of acceptance and letting God stay in control--no matter what happens.
Good old Joel. He always says just the right things. Process done.
It's almost Monday morning, and after many choice words with God, a few pounds of chocolate, and marathon night of my fave West Wing in front of a fire with my beautiful family, I'm ready to finally say 'F*** It--Let's keep moving forward.'
As I frantically began finishing all of the unfinished projects (just like Trixie) I. REALIZED. SOMETHING.
A lot of people who have had the unfortunate experience of the 2WW don't have this:

Impromptu trips to the zoo on an unseasonably warm November afternoon.
(I tried to fix the pic from the delightful camera booths, but this was the best I could do)
Or this,

The chance to care for a little one with a cold 2 days later.
Or this,

A fun surprise at Target (Christmas!) when she's feeling better.

Or this,

The chance to snap the picture of the little girl distracted from her crazy mom on freaky Friday by the addition of the Marshall Field's Mistletoe Bears!
(She's named them after the 5 surviving dogs from the movie Eight Below btw, so if anyone has 3 more bears to part with I would LOVE to add the 3 poor dogs that die in that tear jerker of a movie!)
Or this,

Just a little silliness before bedtime with a camera.

I consider myself lucky.
After the 2WW is over, I have my little cuddle-bug, my butter-bee, my little mouse to keep me going. I get to spend Christmas with a beautiful little girl and enjoy the holiday like a kid all over again for years to come with my favorite person in the world. She's the one I am really grateful for everyday. Thank God for Sophie.
Sophie and I will spend the next 2 months or so appreciating our time together, remembering what we are grateful for each day, and celebrating a very special holiday season.
I'm lucky alright!
Now the only question left to ask is will we do this again? Can I go through it without thinking about it? Can I just do the footwork and not think about the outcome?
Two days ago the answer was NO WAY; yesterday -not so sure; but today, right now I know, absolutely! we are moving forward. We will keep going. I want what I want and I won't stop until I get what I'm KNOW I'm going to get--Sophie will have a little sister. Maybe a little brother. Maybe even both-God willing.
Yep--if it doesn't kill you--it will make you stronger. I have the muscles to prove it. And the smile, see?

Oh and note to self:: when the effects of the clomid kick in next month--do not touch the scissors and attempt a haircut. Apparently bang mutilation is a hormonal side effect the doctors are hesitant to disclose. So is going to the eye doctor to get rid of the glasses--I still can't believe I haven't switched back to my contacts yet! Welp, at least there's jergens natural self tanning lotion to keep me less-than-pasty this winter!

Wednesday, November 5

WordFul Wednesday: Bi-Partisan Donuts

I want to post a little note so that Sophie will know someday in the future exactly how she participated on yesterday's historic day.

The first order of business was voting of course, but running as on-time as I have been lately we had to postpone the festivities for a more serious venture which was the dreaded flu shot. I don't know who dreads it more, but considering I didn't want to find out, I didn't tell Sophie exactly where we were going. I just said we needed to make a quick stop at a doctor's office and then off to pick up coffee and maybe one of her favorite donuts before heading over to vote.
"Vote for what?"
"The President of the United States."
"Oh." End of that subject.
Yeah, so let's not forget she's 3 and very easily bored. Someday she'll be interested.
On to more important things--in her world anyway.
Sophie must have assumed it was my doctor we were to visit, because when we walked in to her doctor's office she goes, "What are we doing here?" Her sarcasm is reaching new heights and I have to say I'm impressed.
"Um, you'll see--hey there's a bunch of books--why don't you grab one?"
She does get distracted easily.
Once she took one step in the room however she performed the Vulcan death grip on my neck and proceeded to take out all of the hearing capabilities in my left ear with her scream.
I had to bear hug her with her legs around my tummy while the nurse stabbed her from behind in the leg! What happened to getting shots in the arm?
It was the worst 5 minutes of the day -- if for no other reason because of the amount of guilt that was quickly dumped on my shoulders when Sophie asked me questions like, "why would you do that Mommy?" and tell me things like "that really hurt Mommy." (I have to mention though that she told her Daddy later that night that it only hurt a little--HA! is what I said. yeah, I have no shame and called her out on her own bravery)
However, an extra donut was in order because she was totally brave and got through it.
When we got to the place everyone runs on I grabbed my bags a' Joe while Sophie perused the selection of sprinkled donuts.
"They have blue ones Mommy! Look, they have red too! and LOOOOOK they have ones with both on them! WOW! Mommy can I get those?"
"Absolutely Peanut--cuz you are one. brave. girl."
So I told the woman behind the counter that we would take one of each and she looks at me and says, "All three?"
Like I was going to tell her my political convictions via a donut.

Sophie on the other hand seemed to make her choice. You see, when she eats a donut it's usually just the frosting and sprinkles that she eats and then politely hands me the rest of the donut to me to eat throw away.
Yesterday she licked the frosting off as usual and when I happily grabbed the bag to throw it out I noticed that one particular donut didn't get licked. I mean at all. I LOL when I saw it!
I'm not saying which one of course, as I want to keep this blog as friendly as possible, and seeing as how she won't be able to vote for another 15 years, I'd say that maybe by that time she won't be persuaded by frosting and sprinkles. But, then again, maybe she will!

After this we finally made it to the polling place to vote where Sophie announces to the group on the way out (and I swear to God I'm not lying) "That's it? That was a lot easier than the doctor!"
Yeah--voting can be pretty painless.
I'm glad she got to see first hand just how easy it was and whether she remembers it or not, I will and it was a pretty cool memory to have when you see just how much history was made by the end of the day. (oh, and the free cup of coffee at Starbucks wasn't bad either)
Unfortunately, by the time all of the decisions, announcements, and festivities began last night BOTH of us were snoring soundly in bed and missed the whole thing. Nice. I'm sure CNN and MSNBC will oblige me all day today with recaps.

For more WordFul Wednesdays, please head over to Angie's!


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