Wednesday, October 28

Posts of Halloweens Past

7 Clown Circus is one awesome place to visit these days! To find out why go here. If you already know why, read on...oh and to help my lucky stars with the powers that be (the random generator) for the end of the week, I am truly Flipping for the Flip!!

"Ghosts of Halloween's Past"

These first two pictures are from Sophie's first 'real' Halloween where she was old enough to participate in the festivites. She was a very tall one year old--but TONS of fun and she loved every moment! The top pic is noticeably at a pumpkin patch the one underneath is at Sophie's first scarecrow festival.

In these two pictures Sophie is only 2! I can't believe how enormous she looks to me and how teeny tiny she is compared to now! Above she was wearing her fave Halloween dress for her cousins birthday party at our old house, and below was Sophie's first Halloween where she actually went trick-or-treating. She was Stephanie from Lazytown.

Underneath was last year's Dorothy costume and I have so many 'ghosts' popping out right now I'm actually getting sad! Sophie was only 3 in this last picture, but to me she looks like a kindergarten kid for sure! I wonder how old she'll look this year! I did have a little extra time to go back through some of my posts of my Halloween's past and found a couple of funny/educational/eye-opening ones from last year. Feel free to read on if interested.

Click if you like SPIDERS

Click if you like BLOOD

Click if you like LIFE LESSONS and the real reason that "Ghost" of Dorothy above haunts me.


blueviolet said...

Very nice photos and I really like how you carved the pumpkins.

Hootin' Anni said...

Love the one of the fireplace and polka dotted skirt!!!

My Wordful this week is all about a "Lethal Beauty"...come by and see if you can.

Click Here

S Club Mama said...

Oh how cute is she? She's going to put my Dorothy costume to shame. :)

Corey~living and loving said...

looking through years past...really makes you realize how much they have changed, huh? sigh.

I enjoyed looking at the pics, and seeing her grow. Can't wait to see this year's pics.

Mayhem and Moxie said...

The best part about Angie's theme this week is being able to see how kids have changed over the years.

Your little girl is such a doll. :) Adore the Dorothy costume.

Brenda said...

Sopie is adorable!


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