Friday, October 30

Eat, Drink, and Be Scary!

This is all a part of the big Flippin' for a Flip giveaway over at 7 Clown Circus. Today the carnival is at Better in Bulk, and she wants to see everyone's devilish desserts and things.

Usually I would clean up in a post like this. Holiday treats are MY cup of tea--however, this year there are just too many circumstances that having ultimately used up all of my creative baking juices. So there is only one other thing to do this year...........................
Enjoy the Candy!
Plain and simple.
With my Halloween mojo MIA this year--we are enjoying the obvious--and not trying to push to hard to 'get it all in' like I tend to do. Life certainly seems a bit sweeter anyway!

Happy All Hallows Eve!

OH and there is one more thing......NO such thing as 'leftovers' when it comes to me and candy. We indulge all day long on the greatest candy day of the year, and then DO NOT leave it around the house. Seriously, I would weigh 400 pounds! We wait until Thanksgiving to kick off the next round of holidays and let those games begin.

I sooooooooooo love this time of year.


Cecily R said...

I'm on a no sugar diet this year (trying to see if it helps my pains be less...painful). Isn't that just crummy? We shall see if I can manage it.

I hope you win the Flip. :)

Life with Kaishon said...

I know, I know, isn't it SO exciting to think about the bags of candy soon to be in our very own homes... : ) As soon as my baby is asleep I am ALL OVER THAT stuff!

Mayhem and Moxie said...

I am confused. Are they people in the world that don't eat all of their candy?

Hmm...cause that just seems wasteful. :)

Robyn said...

MMM you had me at 100 grand.

Lolli said...

Our candy will be gone (at least the good stuff) within 2 weeks. And I have 5 kids collecting it. I love candy. I am a little worried about the next few weeks.....

JennyMac said... much as I would love to eat it all...I take it ALL to my office. It disappears in less than 30 mins.


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